About Us

Abundant Providers is a nonprofit organization based in Pitt Meadows, BC that is growing and harvesting organic food sent directly to the local Food Banks. We grow dozens of varieties of vegetables on our property which extends five acres with the opportunity to build a food forest that would be in perpetual service to people in need of healthy food.

The Need

Food Banks need assistance in providing fresh produce to the families and individuals that depend on them. While grocery stores are able to sell costly imported goods throughout the year, food banks can only afford to provide a limited range of locally available crops.The high quality and nutritional value of British Columbia’s agricultural crops means they are expensive, making much of what is grown locally unavailable to food banks and the people who they serve.Abundant Providers is ready to solve this problem. With your help, local food banks will be provided with a wide variety of fresh vegetables that have been grown with organic soil and organic seeds specifically for them.

Our Mission

Everyone deserves to have access to healthy, nutritious food. Our mission is to provide a variety of high-quality produce to the people who need it most.

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The Solution

Sponsored by people like you, Abundant Providers will grow fresh fruits and vegetables for the local Food Banks. As an Abundant Provider, your donation covers the costs of planting, growing and harvesting the crops donated in your name.With a minimum donation of $10/month, you can provide fresh, healthy food to those most in need, knowing they are getting the same quality produce you would select for yourself and your own family.

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How It Works

  • 1
    You make a monthly, tax-deductible donation to Abundant Providers
  • 2
    We plant a variety of fruits and vegetables
  • 3
    We maintain the plants until they are ready for harvest
  • 4
    We harvest the produce when ready and deliver it to the food bank
  • 5
    Your name is displayed at our farm and you receive a tax receipt
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